Sunday, 15 September 2013

Frocktober and plans ....

Oh, I have so many plans and so little time ....!  There are three sewing things in my mind at the moment.  I was doing a dress for Vintage September at the Monthly Stitch, but I've been so busy completing Module 7 of my C&G knitting that it fell by the wayside ... I only have limited time left to finish my C&G now.  Anyway, it was the shirtdress on the left hand side of the photo - I kind of imagined a 50's style in the palm tree print (are you watching Teresa!!!).  I could have carried it over to 'Frocktober' but the weather is such now that I know I wouldn't get to wear it until next summer ... so I'm now thinking along the lines of a Sewaholic Cambie, which I've wanted to try for a while now.  It would be in one of my remaining unblogged Goldhawk Road fabrics, a dark floral/geometric mix, which I believe is completely 'in' at the moment, though I just bought it because I liked it!  I kind of imagine wearing it with thick tights and a fine knit cardigan.

I also want to make a coat - even though I've yet to start my Koos van der Akker patchwork one - in a tartan I found in a closing down sale in Islington.  Apparently, oversized tartan is 'in' too! - though I also picked the coat pattern purely because I liked it ... maybe I'm just more in tune with what's going on out there at the moment ...  Watch this space ...



  1. Busy, busy, busy... what a great feeling... and so many wonderful things will come out :-)

  2. Such great sewing ideas.. Best wishes.Look forward to seeing what you make..

  3. Love that title. My Granny use to call dresses Frocks.


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