Thursday, 2 May 2013

Virtual Meet - Welcome Sarah Liz!

Hi to Sarah Liz from Australia - here's what she has to say:

Sarah Liz in her TNT trousers/pants 

So, I suppose I better do a little "about me" paragraph, and then answer your five questions.

I'm looking forward to joining the virtual meet and finding out who everyone is and what they enjoy sewing (knitting, crafting, making, cooking, other interests). 
I live in Australia (born in UK).  I've done lots of things in my life - nursing, Arts degree (Drama and Screen studies), Graduate Diploma in Psychology.  I like to sew and blog, and love meeting other sewing bloggers. 

Now, the five questions:

Eating:  I tend to be one of those boringly healthy eaters - fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, wholemeal roll, salad and fish or cheese for lunch, stir fry chicken, fish or meat, with veggies and brown rice for dinner.  I'm a great tea drinker.

I've just bought a gorgeous seersucker cotton - very lightweight and sheer, to make a wrap blouse with one day - I already have the pattern.  This was before I decided to start my stash challenge - it will start in June, I'm working on the details now.  You are all welcome to join in, when and how you want.  I've also bought lots of patterns recently - we had a $5-00 sale, which I have never seen before in Australia, so I stocked up on all the patterns I have wanted for a long time.
I'm working on a pair of trousers, really a trial run after working on muslins for some time - I'm trying to get my shape to work with trousers and then get them to fit well.  I think I am nearly there.  I've just finished my old TNT pair - not really the best fit, but got me by when I was studying and time challenged for sewing.

I don't think I have any patterns to swap at this stage, but probably will in due course.  I've got to go through them all.  I'll let you know if I do.

I'm not sure that there is much more I would like to say - I'm interested in what everyone else also has to say, and having a chat with you all.
Are we going to arrange a sew-a-long, or is this just a place to meet, or do we go off and meet each other at each other's blogs (which I will do in any case)...?

Ohh, my picture, I nearly forgot.  I'm wearing cotton twill trousers from a McCalls pattern - I like classic trousers as they suit my body shape.

Looking forward to meeting you all,

Sarah Liz

Diane:  Well, as this is all kind of taking shape as things go along, maybe a sew-a-long would be a good plan at a later date - any ideas anyone?  Also, when?  I've just (today) been inundated with training at work so will need to be later than sooner for me...  Can't see clear until August September ... anyway, food for thought!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    So proud to see you at the blog meet up.. Such fun sweet people..
    Look forward to seeing your new blouse and trousers. Happy sewing !

  2. Great to find out a little more about you, Sarah! This virtual meet is such a great idea - and I would be keen on a virtual sew a long later in the year. It would be fun ... J

  3. Hi Judith and Judy - lovely to see you over here too.

    Diane, if you are busy, we could all do little suggestions and get ourselves organised to do a sew-a-long later in the year when you also have more time.

  4. Nice to feature you here Sarah Liz. Thanks so much for taking part.


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