Friday, 3 May 2013

Virtual Meet - Join in Charlotte P-B!

Hi Charlotte, all the way from Devon, UK  - great to see you here again!  Charlotte says:

Gorgeous photo Charlotte!

Hi, hope I'm in time, I'm sorry I don't have time too get a swap together maybe next time.
So I'm Charlotte from sew far sew good  I too made friends with yourself Judy and Charlotte at Sew Weekly.  I have cut back to a slower pace now.  I have to say my level and style is easy, I long to address this and do something more challenging - I'm always so inspired by everyone else but I've never really got there.  I'm sure I will one day. 
  (Di:  you have all those lovely children to look after!  Don't know how you do it!)
To meet you all I will wear my summer dress of last year, it's a pretty floral linen and I must have worn it every week without fail for months.


I will be eating something really healthy as I have just super charged my diet and now consider myself more alkaline!! ;) So I will have a chilled grape juice in a large wine glass so I feel like I'm having a little something naughty, followed by sweet potato stuffed with feta, pecan and apple with side green salad . I  dream of rich gooey puddings but for now I will settle for lemon sorbet.  I would like to think we would all be at a picnic or somewhere sunny and outside.
On the dressing table or 'to do' list I have a jersey top, summer dress maxi style and I think I may have to buy the Colette Laurel pattern, as everyone else's look so good.
Thanks so much for hosting this adventure, I miss the days of chatting on Sew Weekly, whats going on there now?  After a break from blogging I am now back and have realised how much fun and what lovely people there are so thanks friends. x x x x

Diane:  Well, I think the Sew Weekly forum is still going strong and new members seem to be joining in.  There's nothing going on 'up front' though at the moment.  Don't know if that will change.  We built up quite a little community didn't we!


  1. Charlotte P.. you look terrific... Love your dress. And Little Arthur is so adorable.
    I think I would like to eat with you.. your food sounds yummy..
    SO proud you joined the meet.. What fun for all us girls to get together.. How nice it would be , if only it could be "real life".ha
    Hugs my friend.

  2. Hello Charlotte, nice to meet you. What a gorgeous garden and Arthur looks sweet. As Judy said, it would be nice to meet everyone in real life.

  3. Hey thanks guys, this is such a good way for meeting new bloggers. x

  4. Thanks for taking the time out from your busy family life to take part Charlotte. It's been great to catch up with you.


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