Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Virtual Meet - It's Judy!

Here’s Judy!  Judy thinks it’s great to reminisce about Sew Weekly and she’s sent lots of info and photos. I’ve used most of them, as it’s a shame not to.  She also had the great idea of creating a ‘button’ for the meet … I’m going to see if I can make one … I’m kind of doing this as I go along and any ideas along the way are welcome.

I am Judy Roberson, I live in a very small town called Blue Mountain, Ms., USA.  Probably the smallest town, and the smallest state in Ms. We have one outstanding beautiful landmark, which is Blue Mountain College. Other than that, if you were driving through, you would pass right through and
see nothing else.

I am so excited to join you girls at the 2013 ‘virtual’ blog meet up. Now ... what would I like to eat/drink… I love diet coke and ice tea. (sorry UK girls... haven’t gotten into the hot tea yet!) I think I would love to have some chocolate chip/pecan cookies or some Blondie brownies. And If I could sit next to my sewing buddy Charlotte T, I would share some of her UK dishes (of course, she would have to teach me what they were and how to have the right etiquette.) ha!

I have been the “regular ole girl” trying to decide what to wear to the meet up.  But, finally I decided on my dress I wore for my transatlantic ‘blog‘ meet up with the UK girls in 2011. I was in Ms, but had so much fun with them from afar. The dress has such special meanings to me. My very special friend Cathe (another sew weekly friend, from Mn), gave me the red/white/blue plaid fabric. The brooch I am wearing was sent to me all the way from the UK and special made for me, for the meet up by my special friend Charlotte T. Check it out here:  Also, since the USA colors are red/white/blue and so are the UK colors… Perfect!!

Judy in her lovely Transatlantic Dress!

What is on my sewing table? Simplicity 1699. I bought this pattern on one of  Hancock Fabrics 99 cent sales. Got it home and didn’t really care a lot about it ...  Last week, I bought the Sew Stylish Magazine and to my surprise they had an article on it ... 3 sewing teachers had taken this pattern and made their take on it. Needless to say, I changed my mind about it.  I am working on a muslin right now, and hope to get to the real thing soon.  (also enclosed photo of the blue version, it will be next).

So sweet!

Swap (or giveaway) items:

Will list them in order of the photos Diane.

1- Vintage bias tape, ric rac and covered buttons.

2- Vintage simplicity 6687- child’s gown/pj’s/ robe size 5

3- Vintage Simplicity 3533 size 20 1/2 Bust 41 (I’m coveting this one Judy, Di)

4- Vintage Simplicity 5877 size 14 bust 34

I will ship anywhere.

I would love this one ...!

Hugs, Judy

PS. I forgot to add the last question? What new purchase have you bought? I just ordered the Laurel pattern… And waiting for it to arrive.

Great to hear from you Judy and hope you're feeling better now. xxx


  1. What a great post Judy, and I loved reading it. You look lovely in that photo - good choice! I will make you a lovely cup of hot tea in a teapot and pour it into a china cup - we can have it with scones and clotted cream.
    PS Can I have the bias tape and ric-rac???? xx

    1. I will put your name on it.. And the hot tea in a china cup with scones sounds wonderful... But, what in the world is clotted cream???

  2. Oh Judy I just love to catch up with you, wish it was real life. x x x

    1. How fun Charlotte.. I too wish it was real life.. Would love to sit and chat.. Have a great day...

  3. Diane, I will save the pattern for you too.. thanks for hosting the blog meet up.

  4. Hi Judy, Glad to see you over here as well, I've sent Diane an email to join as well :-)

  5. Hi Judy, so lovely to "meet" you over here! I recognise that dress from the Sew Weekly two years ago - such a gorgeous one you made. :-)

    (I'm running very late with my email to Diane for the meet-up - hopefully she'll still have me taking part?! Oops!)

    I'm interested in Simplicity 5877, it looks like a nice shirt dress.

  6. I've so enjoyed meeting you again here Judy. In fact, it was a bit emotional! I've so missed all the fun we had on Sew Weekly. Thanks so much for taking part.


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