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Monday, 1 October 2012

The Hidden Colour of Manchester

When I was a student, years ago at the Polytechnic (as it was known then), our first project on the printed textiles course was, 'The Hidden Colour of Manchester'.  That was quite a challenge in those days, (the mid 80's).  Now, since the rejuvenation of the city, I can spot stuff all over the place ...

Lovely old city brickwork
Jewelled umbrellas outside Oklahoma - cafe and quirky gift shop

Memories of The Hacienda days ...

Some legendary Coronation Street stars
Fred Aldous arts and crafts shop window - this store has been here since the 1800's but is now enjoying huge popularity since the crafting revolution, hence 'make something'

The Pop Cafe


  1. what a fantastic looking city.

  2. It is Charlotte - I really miss it sometimes! Though maybe being away makes me appreciate it more ...

  3. Thankyou for sharing these photos..What a lovely place..