Friday, 28 September 2012

Me in Manchester

Here's a few photographs of me that I've just been sent.  I'm in the new part of the city, outside Louis Vuitton (I can but dream ...) and The Shambles.  The Shambles was taken from its old situation in the city, lifted up and re-located here in the paved area.  I had lunch in Nicholson's here - I do recommend it - excellent food in a lovely historic building.

In historic Nicholson's 

Outside Louis Vuitton = maybe one day I'll have a handbag like that ...

Must be my favourite way of posing!  Here I am complete with shopping - I bought a Matthew Williamson butterfly collection cushion from Debenhams.  Matthew Williamson is a Manchester lad, all the best creative people come from here :-)))! 
Photo from the Debenhams website - I bought this one, like a modern version of an old style Toile de Jouy.  Like the city of Manchester, it mixes old and new ...


  1. Well I'm jealous of you just being there - happy shopping!!!

  2. How fun..Love the pillow and the photos looked so fun.. Proud your enjoying yourself.. Enjoy your shopping..


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