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Monday, 8 October 2012

Orange Aid

OK, it's a bit startling, I'll admit, but the instructions for this bobble hat said to use the brightest orange that could be found.  This is fluorescent!  It's for the charity St Mungo's, which represents homeless people in the UK.  You can find instructions for making a hat at the charity website.  Their bobble hat day is 23 October and they hope to collect as many hats as there are homeless people, which is over 5,000.  It's really easy to make - I'd done mine in a couple of evenings.  The collection point for the finished article is Loop Knitting in London and I was lucky enough to be able to drop mine off there last Friday.  The lady in the shop said it had, 'a mighty fine bobble'!  It did come out a bit big ... but then I think it adds to it's charm ...



  1. Diane, great job knitting the hat.. I love the bright orange... And what a wonderful thing you are doing it for, helping homeless people.. That is so sad, to think of someone with out a home.. It really makes me feel , so blessed.
    Happy knitting.