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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Regency Napkin and Tablecloth Dress (as inspired by Veronica Darling ...) and Happy Belated Birthday Oona!

I found a set of 6 napkins and a large rectangular tablecloth in a charity shop near work last week.  I was really stuck for the Sew Weekly challenge, to make something inspired by one of the regular contributors ... I was going to make a tailored top a la Adey Lim, with all the polka dots matching at the sides etc .. but I couldn't summon up the energy.  Then just by chance I happened upon  this set.  I didn't know properly what the pieces looked like as they were all sealed up in a bag - never been opened before.  Lucky me!  Next dilemma, which pattern?  Since I'd been given a bag full of 1970's little numbers by a friend at work, I sifted through them and found this one.  Fits lovely and glad I chose it.  It was really easy to sew up and finish - all I had to do was make sure I placed the napkins correctly for the bodice (making sure to avoid a front that looked like the back - how embarrassing would that have been??  For me anyway ...).  Another reason why I  like this dress is the fabric design which is by one of my favourite 70's designers, Pat Albeck - she used to design all the National Trust teatowels etc - I love her drawing style.  This design in based on a Robert Adam ceiling in one of the properties.

And so, a double celebration, Happy Belated Birthday Oona!  I'm toasting you with Guinness, my favourite tipple, in a dainty teacup!  You know, it's good for you - has lots of iron in it (or at least that's my excuse!).


  1. LOVELY dress! That's so great that it is made from napkins and a tablecloth! Brilliant!

  2. That is super cute! Love it!

  3. your dress fits perfectly, and I love the fact it's a table cloth!

  4. i'm going to have to put a little champy in my oj and toast you back, stunning gal!

  5. What's an oj? Awaiting to see ....!