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Friday, 26 August 2011

Ely Cake and Knit Crawl

I tried really hard to eat all that cake but had to take the chocolate home with me!

Last Saturday, I spent a whole day touring the cake and wool shops of Ely with a group of like-minded enthusiasts!  What a great day - made another addition to my wool stash and also found some stuff to make samples from for my City and Guilds, which I really need to get going with again.  I need to have my fourth module finished by the end of September.  Anyway, this got me going again.  For anyone else interested, there will probably be a future event, listed under Cake Crawl on Ravelry.

We toured The King's Arms, The Almonry for lunch, (looked at Dotty's Cake and Tea Room) and ended up at Peacock's down by the river for afternoon tea.  There are three main wool emporiums in Ely, consisting of two major shops, Yarn on the Square and the Ely Wool Shop, as well as an outlet in the back of the City Cycle Centre.  There's also a kiosk in the main shopping centre - can't be bad for such a small 'city' (Ely is a city because of it's cathedral ...).  The following photos tell the story!

Meeting everyone in the garden at the King's Arms

Dottys - you can have your shoes covered here with an assortment of fabric scraps.

Porch of Ely Cathedral

Sweet house!

Sam, Robert and Ruth 

Peacock's tearooms and the queue to get in!

Martin and ?

Dorothy et al

My tea!  Complete with Peacocktail!  Iced tea, lemonade, peach schnapps, gin and vodka - heaven on earth!


  1. hey that sounds like a fab day out. It is one of my missions to get to grips with knitting, it's the patterns I cannot get my head round.

  2. I can't knit but love to look at wool/yarn! That looks like a fab day out!

  3. It was a brilliant day thanks - can't wait for the next one now - they tend to migrate around the country ... I think it helps that I was taught to knit from a very early age, I just find it so relaxing.