Thursday, 23 June 2011

Win a copy of 'Sew and Save'!

In the spirit of thrifting, I have a copy of 'Sew and Save' by Joanna Chase to give away.  I've been given it, but I already have it.  It's a facsimile of a 1941 edition and includes such gems as, 'a Smart Skirt from an Old Coat', 'Useful and Becoming, the Pinafore Frock', and 'new Hats from Old'.  Just leave your favourite thrifting tip as a comment for a chance of winning.  I'll pick a winner at random by the end of next week.


  1. Ooooh! What a lovely book!

    My favourite thrifting tip is when you make chicken stock, pour some into ice cube trays and then you have handy small amounts of frozen stock to put in spag bol or whatever. I also freeze chicken bones from thighs and legs until I have enough to make a stock.

    I know it's not sewing related, but it's a good tip! I think so anyway!

  2. Hi Diane,
    How sweet of you to do this give away.. The book sounds awsome.
    My thrifting tip is: When I see fabric or notions on a really good sale...[like clearance]..I stock up on my solid colors, gingham checks.. Even..if its just a yard or two of each.. It is so nice to go to your find the right matching colors to go with a certain project..
    Happy sewing. Judy

  3. My tip is to always buy good quality shoes and bags as they last more then clothes and when you get clothes to modify get always a size biger as its easier to change !

  4. I am a huge fan of the 'make do and mend' era! -but I don't have a book on it! I'm swooning over this one! I love my Grandma's stories - when her old wool coats started to look worn she'd unpick them and turning all the pieces inside out, then stitch it back together! I have a very odd thrifting habit - For year's I've cut out and saved all the ribbon hanger loops from inside RTW garments. Those little strips of ribbon in assorted colours come in handy in the most unexpected ways! - sewing and otherwise! Casey Sew

  5. what a lovely book. I would say my tip is to go to the tip, or a boot fair, you will be amazed what people want to get rid of. But the key point is only get what yoy need!

  6. What a lovely book, and so nice of you to hold a giveaway for it! :-)

    And now I can't think of any thrifting tips, haha, the pressure is too much!

    I like reusing and recycling whenever I can - if something gets a hole in it or just doesn't look good any more, I craft it into something else. So much fun trying to figure out what to make out of things!

  7. I love buying things from charity and second-hand shops! It's a great opportunity to get something with a little more character than new. Recently I have been looking for cotton tops to refashion, I keep my eyes open for fun details, seam finishes and neck edgings that I can incorporate into the new tops.

  8. Ooooh I love to look for little treasures to refashion! ^^ Huge men shirts to make cool dresses out of them! Or funny tee-shirts to make spats... I'm always looking for cool patterns and lovely buttons! In a thriftstore I'm like a treasure hunter! Aaaaaarrr! ^^

  9. My tip is - when I you go thrifting, look for items with cool buttons, embellishments, etc - even if the item itself isn't that great. They can be used for other projects, and I can often pick up a button-up shirt for less than it would cost to buy a pack of buttons!

  10. What a lovely give away - and such a useful book too.

    I remove the buttons from old clothes that are too worn out to send to the charity shop and old washed out, shapeless t- shirts get cut up for dusters.


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