Saturday, 12 April 2014

Share in Style - FLOWERS

Rosy over at SewingAdicta has invited me to take part in the second of these posts, this time with the theme of 'flowers'.  It's funny, or coincidental, that today, I spent my time at a Botanical Art Class in the lovely village of Madingley in Cambridge - in the thatched cottage on the right!  Isn't it beautiful?

I am trying to recapture my painting skills.  Apart from my illuminated letter class a few weeks ago, it's many years since I picked up a paintbrush to do this kind of art.  The day passed by so quickly!  I even learned some things about colour that I'd never encountered before.

I'm mixing cleaner and more considered colours and getting the colour matches accurately.  Mind you, my tutor, Georita Harriott, is an illustrator for Kew Gardens and the Cambridge Botanic Garden, so I would hope so!

Botanical art is more scientific than the kind of flower painting I'm used to - for textiles.  I painted these pansies years ago, and they lean towards the 'decorative' rather than 'realistic'.

My goal then was to paint for textiles, as in this shirt I've made from Italian printed cotton that I found in Goldhawk Road, London, a couple of years ago.

I love prints and these form part of my style.  It's one of the reasons I like to sew ... I get the chance to use lovely fabric and patterns.  So thanks Rosy for remembering me and I hope to stay a part of your new community.  I want to start sewing again as soon as I can and am sure I'll draw strength and encouragement from your group.


  1. Welcome to this wonderful creative madness, share by all of us.
    Glad to mmet you in flowers.
    Love and sunshine from Spain

  2. What a lovely place, gorgeous pictures. I like that blouse, I can't believe you made it yourself, brava! It's very pretty...Italian material is the best:)

    1. Nice to meet you Francesca and thanks for following my blog! I agree, there are some great Italian prints to be found ...

  3. Sounds like lots of fun... You are very talented , in so many different things..

  4. Dear Diane! Love your paintings, you are skilled in sewing and painting talented ... Wow! You're my hero!


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