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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Winter Wonderland Sewing Cottage

Made this over Christmas from a kit by www.rexinter.com, but haven't had chance to blog about it because I've been so busy with other things. It's a combination of glueing and sewing.  The felt used to make the cottage is thick and really good quality.  It's a very sturdy construction and I also had more than enough thread to sew it up with.  The only fault is that the closing press-stud on the front doesn't work very well.  I solved this by making a button and loop instead.  It's cute isn't it?

Anything can be stored in it but I thought it would be the ideal home for something else I spotted over Christmas.  I had plenty of time to do some browsing around and in my local supermarket noticed a sewing section at the end of an aisle.  Supermarkets sell useful sewing stuff!  Machine needles in particular.  This Sewing Bag cost just over £3 - I was curious to know what it contained - it boasted 41 items on the cover.  I couldn't see in it and bought it on the off chance - but there are some great things in there.  The tomato pincushion even has some gritty stuff in the end of it for sharpening pins.  Then there's the Dressmaker's Pencil and the Tracing Wheel.  Some of the 41 items include each button in the little plastic box ... but overall, good value for £3.  Anyway, my cottage is just the thing to hold everything instead of that unremarkable outer bag ........  I think it will be handy to stand next to my sewing machine for those bits and bobs that need to be close at hand.



  1. That is just too cute.. Love your idea of putting your odds and ends , in it.. Great find.