Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sew Tiny, Merry Christmas - or Oona saves the day!

Well I suppose it's a busy time of year for everyone so contributions are thin on the ground ... it's just Oona over at Oonaballoona and me!  Though that means such a lot.  I feel connected and encouraged.  Me in quiet, rural Norfolk and Oona in NYC The Big Apple!  It also means that because of Oona's special blog post about this 'Sew Tiny' project, in which I get 3 mentions, then daily visits to my blog have shot off the radar!  Along with several new blog followers - I've exceeded 75 on Bloglovin.  So thank you for such a fab Christmas present Oona and welcome to all new followers.

Oona is making gift tags - she's not happy with them but they make me think of us two, 'town meets country' - multicoloured neon shaded thread on a hessian ground.

I've plumped for tree decorations.  I wanted new ones to match in with some hand painted glass retro baubles that belonged to my parents.  I used felt and a kit by 'Paper and String'.  The possibilities for colour and ribbon combinations is endless and I could have kept going ...

So all that remains to say from Oona and me is Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all your support this past year.  I hope I can get that underused sewing machine out at some point again this next year!


  1. Oh, I remember those hand blown glass ornaments from my 70s childhood. I'm sad to say that we grandchildren were wont to poke our fingers in the indentation and shattered a lot of those old ornaments. :( I think the felt ones will last much longer! The only homemade thing this year was a joint project between my son and I: I sewed a small carrier bag for his teacher, and he drew a snow scene with permanent markers. She quite liked it.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. These are the only survivors from those days and I love them so much! They look so tiny now!

  2. i LOVE your town and country connection, and the way you described my sad little tag has made me view it in a whole new way!!

    i have those 70s ornaments in my tree exclusively on our city tree... one, i love them, and two, it can't take much more weight than those glass balls :)). these felt twins are exquisite! i feel i need to give this tiny challenge a go again next year and town & country my tree up.

    merry christmas gorgeous marguerite!

    1. Think I will run Sew Tiny next year - probably some more during the year too - hopy you had a lovely Christmas Oona.

  3. Sorry it didn't get blogged or mentioned on here sooner, but I did make a small tree dec on the saturday before Christmas, my first home sewn tree decoration, so thank you for the inspiration to make it. Hope you're having a good new year. hoping the link works


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