Monday, 9 December 2013

Sew Tiny - How are you doing???

This is where I'm at - how about you?  Can't reveal any more just yet ... only another week to go before you send me your photos Oona, Charlotte and Jenni! (and anyone else that would still like to take part ...come on, join in!).


  1. Looks super bright and festive! And those tiny, tiny stitches are a credit to you ... J

  2. I love the bright colours felt comes in Judith.

  3. This is so exciting Diane.. Can't wait to see them all.. This looks so pretty [what little we can see...what a tease you are. hahahha]
    Wish I could have joined in [maybe next year?].. Things have been so super busy around here..I think I took on more than I could handle.[I do that sometimes. lol[
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.. Hugs.

  4. aaaaaaack!!!! i thought we had till christmas!

    i LOVE your felt colors.


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