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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Crafty Business

I met up with an old friend for lunch in Ely a couple of weeks or so ago - it was great to have a chat and a catch up. We chanced upon a craft fair in the Maltings afterwards - a really good one with stallholders from all over the country. First up lunch though - well, although I'm in the habit of photographing anything and everything these days, I'd eaten before I'd remembered to record it - it was so delicious! Brie and bacon with real ale chutney ... Peacocks always has a queue coming out of the door - it's down by the river. You can dine with mis-matched cutlery and crockery in lovely surroundings.

Here are just a few of the stall holders in the craft fair.  'Sparkly Mary', www.sparklymary.co.uk made jewellery and panel pictures from hand painted silk embedded in resin.

I had to come away with some of those gorgeous earrings!

This lady, Claire M Turner from Newmarket, made scarves in hand dyed silk and organza bowls decorated with wildflowers.

Mackintosh Mirrors is self explanatory really ...  See more at www.greeneyeglass.co.uk

Finally, wicker sculptures - they had arrived by a canal boat decorated in willow ...

There was plenty more ... these were just some of my favourites.  Apparently this is an event that happens every year - the next one will be in October 2014.


  1. Diane,What a lovely outing you had.. Love all the beautiful photographs.. Thank you for sharing..

  2. You're welcome Judy - glad you like them!