Sunday, 19 May 2013

One for Trish Blair ...

I first 'met' Trish at Sew Weekly.  She lives in Wellington, New Zealand.  When I saw her it struck me how much she resembled 'Eunice' (now there's a name you don't come across much these days ...).  She was an old friend of my mother's and there are lots of photos of her from the 50's in a box of memories we have.  I really must find one so you can see for yourself the resemblance.  Anyway, that isn't really what this post is about.  What I really admire about Trish and her style is the way she puts things together and this includes her handbags!  Particularly wicker ones.  Look at this one - photo from Sew Weekly website, just for reference I might add ...

Well I happened to mention on Facebook (my new toy ...) that I bought one through being inspired by her and she wanted to see so here it is!

Not a vintage one sadly, but from Laura Ashley of all places.  I just couldn't leave it behind, so it's all your fault Trish!  I love it though and will so enjoy using it this summer (if we ever get one that is!).


  1. Diane, I love your new purse and Trish's purse as well. She did some pretty stuff on Sew Weekly..
    Hope you enjoy your purse..

    1. I keep forgetting about the different words you have for things over there Judy ... we call a 'purse' the thing you keep your money in inside your handbag!

  2. will be lovely for the summer!


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