Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Burda Bomber ...

...and this is as far as I've got.  Have been so busy with training, finishing up my knitting module and painting my fence panels.  I also want to put a lining in it, which isn't included in the pattern, so I've just decided to take my time and not worry about when it's finished, which should have been the end of May.

Made sure to get the pattern placement of the big blowsy roses correct though (or it could potentially have been a bit embarrassing, ha!).  I love the fabric, it's not like the Mary Berry Bomber, as I couldn't find anything like that, but I thought this would work equally as well, if not better.  It's from the Amy Butler Alchemy range.  Aren't the sketchbook roses gorgeous?  I've got some black stretchy knit to finish off the neck, cuffs and waistband with.  Not sure what I'm going to use for the lining, though I've got some thin pink towelling-like stuff which might work.  We'll see!


  1. It really doesn't matter how long it takes to finish a garment, just so long as it gets done :-)

  2. This is going to be really pretty.. Love that fabric.


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