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Sunday, 31 March 2013

I need to be liked :-))

Hello, I've spent some of the holiday weekend setting up a Facebook presence for my sewing and artwork.  (I've still to put some of my paintings on there ...).  You can find me at:


BUT, I need a few 'likes' - at least 30 to get info about my pages's activity.  So, can anyone help please by just pressing the 'like' button on my page?  I'm asking everyone, even though most of the people I know don't even do Facebook (I'm of that generation ...).  Anyway, thanks so much in advance!  


  1. Hi, I've just been over to your page and I think I've liked it?!? I can't get my head around Facebook at all. Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks Jane! Yes, it worked thanks and thanks also to everyone for the other 'likes' I've received so far. There's an album of my paintings there now too.

  3. Thanks Rosy - you are so kind! I'll take a look at your page later today.