Tuesday, 19 March 2013

2013 Essential Top Sewalong - Who's in?

Anyone else want to join in on this with me?  I found out about it through Barbara at The Flowery Skirt.  Faye at Faye's Sewing Adventure is hosting the sewalong to mark the arrival of spring and the rules are as follows:

The sew-a-long will start next Sunday and run for two weeks (March 24th through April 7th)

Any style top will qualify (sewing pattern of your choice, self-draft or refashion)


You can even participate if you don't have a blog, just email her your pictures and she will display.  You just need to leave a message on her blog that you want to take part.   I thought it would be the ideal project for me to start sewing again ... I realise I haven't done anything yet this year!   


  1. Diane, I would love to. I will go over and do it.. I am sewing on my grandaughters Easter dresses this week.But, will get started next week.
    thank you so much for sharing about it.. Look forward to seeing your blouse.

  2. Great Judy! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. Sounds great. Unfortunately I seem to have committed to way too many Sew Alongs this year already - I'm frantically trying to finish things before I go on holiday at Easter. Then again I could always use a new top for my holiday...

  4. Hi Dianne, I'm joining in, so I look forward to seeing what you make. It will be a squeeze to fit in with Easter in the middle.

    1. Yes it will be a squeeae, but I really need something to set me off sewing again and I already have the pattern and fabric in. Look forward to seeing what you make too!


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