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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Shell Island

If you really want to get away from everything, then I totally recommend here.  It's just off the North Wales coast.  You need to be aware of tides and drive across a causeway to get there, but it's worth the hassle.  Well, I think so anyway ... You can drive or walk around the dunes, wander up the beach and collect all manner of shells - not just common or garden ones, but curly shaped and beautifully coloured ones.  I came away with two buckets full.  I think some of them are destined to be stuck round an old picture frame for a bathroom mirror.

It's just nice to go and relax ...


  1. OMG we wemt camping here a few years ago!! It was an amazing place, a beach that lasted for ever, sand dunes that the kids thought where amazing! Somewhat away from everything but just great ( we took our bikes with us) I was totally exhusted after this holiday but it was so memorable! You must be heading for Snowdonia next?!

  2. I just spent the time wandering around and collecting shells , so I was pretty relaxed after that. I've been before and will definitely go again .