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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bohemian? Maybe / Maybe Not ...

1970's style tiered skirt made from a vintage sheet with lace detail

My inspiration for the skirt - I trimmed the tiers with the lace sent to me by Amanda D in my 'Travelling Package' 

Here's me trying to be all gypsy like and bohemian in an unweeded part of my garden (unweeded because I'm too busy sewing these days!)  I'm not sure that it's worked very well, number one because I couldn't find the top I had in mind to go with the skirt and this one kind of emphasises the top half.  Number two because it was uncomfortable standing around in the weeds - unsettling is the word I think - I really want to get at the weeds!  But I like the skirt and I know I'll wear it again.  Bringing back carefree art school kind of memories of years ago ...  I found the unused kingsize sheet for £1 in a charity shop - there's loads of it!


  1. This is a lovely skirt and it fits you perfectly! ~ Peggy

  2. Love Kate Bush! This is a perfect inspirational outfit!!!

  3. Thanks - I'm beginning to like this a lot more now.