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Monday, 16 May 2011

Swap/Meet Dress - Colette Crepe

Taken at Butlin's holiday camp in the late 40's/50's.  My mum is on the far right.
I finished the dress for the London Swap/Meet this week.  I used Crepe by Colette Patterns - I like the shape of it even though I'm used to sewing and this is a beginner's pattern.  It has a sweetheart neckline and there is no zip fastening - it crosses over at the back and is held together by two ties that circle the waist and form a bow at the back.  I found the big, splashy roses print fabric in my local sewing shop.  I used it as an excuse to link in with the theme of a garment inspired by 'mum' which is one of the Sew Weekly challenges.  My mum is very artistic and the print is very much like something she would paint.  It reminded me of a photo of her in the late 40's/early 50's when she would have been in her twenties.  She tinted the image herself.  And so, I'm all set for the big day!  I am squinting a bit in the top photo as it's very early morning - going to London means a very early start for me .... worth it though!  Looking forward to meeting fellow sewists in person!


  1. YAY! for the beautiful crepe dress! It was fabulous meeting you on Saturday!!!

  2. I love this fabric and I love your dress.so pretty.. Happy Sewing. Judy