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Monday, 23 May 2011

How To Make A Chevron Skirt, a la Milly Molly Mandy

I've had a few requests to explain how I managed to match up the stripes on my Milly Molly Mandy skirt.  So, here's my first attempt at a tutorial.  I'll be doing this over the next couple of days.

First of all, you need a roughly A Line skirt pattern where the front and back are exactly the same.  I used the skirt part of the Colette Crepe dress because this has a seam down the centre front which allows for making the chevron.  I used the two front pattern sections and repeated them for the back.  I made the waistband from another skirt pattern, which happened to fit, but you could easily make your own by following the curve of the top of the skirt sections and tapering it slightly at the sides.  You make it in two sections - a front piece and a back piece.  The zip will be placed at the side of the skirt.

Ordinarily, the skirt would use a couple of metres of fabric, but to allow for stripe matching, you will need an extra metre.

I'll continue tomorrow with some diagrams of how to lay out the pattern pieces, so, until the next exciting episode, bye for now!  (Sorry to keep you in suspense - I've got to go and do the drawings ...)

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  1. Thankyou so much Diane.. I have always been so scared of matching stripes..YOurs was pefect.. Cant wait to see what you do tomorrow.. will be back..Again, thankyou for your time. Judy