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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Designing Your Way

A few posts ago, I documented my creative journey so far in life.  I had just finished City & Guilds and was enjoying a rest and a look back over achievements so far.  I thought a retrospective might provide a pointer for the next leg of the journey and it has in a way.  I really enjoyed the creative design elements of C & G and have been taking this aspect further in 'Designing Your Way', the first module of a series of 4 run by Rachel Taylor and Beth Kempton of the Make It In Design School.  I am re-discovering drawing and the design process, along with how to look at the world from a designers perspective once again.  Module 1 only lasts for 5 weeks and I am in Week 4 already.  It's entirely manageable alongside my full-time job and very enjoyable.  More news soon!


  1. that sounds really interesting, I love the idea of modules makes the achievements regular and more manageable.

    1. It's been a great course Charlotte. I'm still doing some of the exercises and thoroughly enjoying it all ...

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