Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Urban Sweater

Stopping blogging for a while is a very dangerous thing, that's if you want to keep a blog going....it breaks the habit and it's easy to find other things to do ...  Although I do feel like I want to write some posts now. I thought I'd start with my City & Guilds Sweater. Against all odds, I managed to finish this and it passed inspection. It was so difficult ... dealing with everything lately and finding the strength to carry on with the course.  I think actually that it was the knitting that provided a diversion and kept me going.  The whole process from start to finish was a good thing for me. I feel confident now in my ability to see a design project through to the end and explore many possibilities along the way.

I started with a fairly ordinary source and managed to develop it through a series of ideas into the finished article which I LOVE!

It all began with a grid I'd seen in a car park I use every weekday.

This led to me thinking about roads and markings in general .. I found lots more source material around the railway station at the other end of my daily journey.

I started sampling with different qualities of luxury yarns, some suited the end purpose, others looked good but didn't fit with the sweater theme ...  I can make use of those another time ...

This then led to combinations of elements.

I started to think how I could translate these further ideas into sweater shapes - I chose an oversized, easy to wear shape as a silhouette as I wanted the sweater to be a casual weekend garment I can wear with jeans.

I began knitting the sweater and noted down what I'd done as I progressed.  It all went really smoothly, probably because I'd done so much sampling to begin with.  I blocked the knitted shapes and darned in all the loose ends which took a lot of time!  Good finishing is really important to achieve a good look.

Note the smile on my face as I'm wearing it!


  1. Fascinating to see the design taking shape, a lovely jumper :-)

  2. Great post! I love seeing your inspiration turn into a final product.

    1. Thanks Stacie - really enjoyed every bit of it ...

  3. Dear friend !! This is so stunning !! I'm trying to put my lower jaw back into place ... seriously, I'm literally speechless !! I have not enough English vocabulary to describe the emotion I feel when I see your photos, your work, your creativity and your passion to finish this sweater. If there were a prize for the knitting job ... you would be!

  4. SO....I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading and I see THIS. THIS is amazing! Your process, your design and color blocking, it's all just wonderful. And you smile at the end says it all :)

  5. So great to see you on here Loran and thanks for the comment. Must catch up with your blog too!


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