Monday, 11 August 2014

Ellen Margaret Amor

I have been overwhelmed by all the messages of support for my family loss, so let me share with you some things about my Aunt Margaret, who passed away a fortnight ago. I was named after her - Margaret is my middle name, and I used it as a basis for 'Marguerite Designs'. Here she is, in her youth, during the Second World War. She was amazing, running messages around Manchester for the ARP (Air Raid Precaution) Wardens and really wanted to be a Land Girl but was too young ... She had a deep love for the countryside, having left a small farming community in her native Wales with her parents and her sister - my mother, during the Depression of the 1930's. Isn't her hair fabulous in this photo? She was always very particular about it and it's one of the things I'll remember her for.

Here she is again, in the early 70's. This portrait was taken to celebrate 25 years service at a light engineering company in Manchester specialising in chain making, where she was a machine operator. Unfortunately, the work affected her in later life, as she couldn't use her hands properly. She gave me this photo on one of my stays with her - in recent years I've lived a long way from Manchester, on the other side of the country. On this particular stay, we had some great times going out and about - chatting, shopping, lunches, relaxing. She was a great character and as you can see, always made the best of herself. She was my god mother and we were close, as she had no children of her own. She always encouraged me with my work and asked me for any sewing I'd done so she could try and sell it for me around her neighbours. Aunt Margaret was so generous - constantly giving. My uncle, who she sadly lost over 20 years ago, used to say, 'she had a big heart'. Although not a regular churchgoer, she had a favourite hymn which originated during the Welsh Chapel Revival of the early 1900's and here it is. My family will be singing this at her funeral service this week.


I’d not ask a life that’s easy,
Nid wy'n gofyn bywyd moethus,
Gold and pearls so little mean,
Aur y byd na'i berlau mân,
Rather seek a heart that’s joyful,
Gofyn 'rwyf am galon hapus,
Heart that’s honest, heart that’s clean.
Calon onest, calon lân.

Heart that’s clean and filled with virtue,
Calon lân yn llawn daioni,
Fairer far than lilies white,
Tecach yw na'r lili dlos,
Only pure hearts praise God truly,
Golud calon lân, rinweddol,
Praise him all the day and night.
Yn dwyn bythol elw fydd.

Why should I seek earthly treasures,
Hwyr a bore fy nymuniad
On swift wings they fly away,
Gwyd i'r nef ar adain cân
Pure clean hearts bring greater riches,
Ar i Dduw, er mwyn fy Ngheidwad,
That for life eternal stay.
Yn dwyn bythol elw fydd.

Dawn and sunset still I’m searching,
Hwyr a bore fy nymuniad
Rising on a wing of song,
Gwyd i'r nef ar adain cân
Give me Lord, through Christ my Saviour,
Ar i Dduw, er mwyn fy Ngheidwad,
That clean heart for which I long.
Roddi i mi galon lân.

Aunty Margaret, at peace now.


  1. Diane,
    What a lovely lady.. My heart and prayers for you and your family , over the loss of your aunt..She is in heaven now with the Father, and what a lovely time she is having. I pray you will draw comfort from this.
    Thank you for sharing the photos and lovely things about your aunt..She is a very beautiful lady.
    Hugs my friend..

    1. Thanks for your kindness Judy. I've only just been able to answer this as it's been a bit traumatic ...

  2. Dear Diane. This post shows much love ... Your aunt was one escepcional person and surely, she is watching over all your family somewhere beautiful place. Lot of love from Canary Islands, dear friend.

    1. Thanks Rosy. Even though I've never met you in person, you are a true friend.


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