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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Share in Style - GOLD

I wasn't going to take part in this theme, as I've been on holiday this week and I couldn't think what to do ...   But Rosy 'twisted my arm' and I've managed to put something together.  This is my waterlily skirt, teamed with a pair of gold and silver shoes, which sadly don't fit properly anymore but I keep them as a souvenir.  They came from San Francisco - I wanted to bring something 'bling' home with me from when I went years ago.  These fitted the bill!  Especially as the shop I got them from delivered them in my (then) size from another branch in a stretch limo with the number plate 'Le Shu 1'!  They weren't very expensive either - I think they were in the sale...

I appliqued the flowers on to the skirt, taken from another that I found in a sale.  There's gold embroidery in the centres, which match the shoes nicely ...

We are having glorious weather this week, as you can see from the shine!  Talking of waterlilies, I have two coming out at the same time this year, which is a further improvement on none, then one. I'll try and get a photo at some point today ...

This is last year ...

And this year, two buds on their way ...

This close-up collage is especially for Doris Button, who's left a comment below ...

The flowers were originally on a thin, cotton skirt and I could easily cut round them, leaving a small hem allowance.  I machined them on carefully, turning the shapes as I went along.  The skirt fabric is 'hugs and kisses' by Anna Marie Horner - I thought the 'O' shapes looked just like lily pads ... I'm pleased with the outcome, considering I bought the skirt so cheaply in a sale, with extra money off it because the zip was broken.  Bargain!    


  1. Dianne, You look beautiful in that skirt.. Just perfect color.. and the lily's on it ,...gorgeous..

  2. I love your gold shoes Margerite, but I WANT, WANT, WANT you skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  3. I wished you had shown a close-up of the skirt and especially the applique! From what I can see, the skirt is so beautiful! Pleas add another pic! :-)

    I love waterlilies, and I had some in a wooden barrel on my patio, but they were not very lucky there. I guess they need a certain water depth, and the water was all too soon a nursery for loads of mosquito babies, so sadly I had to part with my small pond.

    Best regards from very sunny, very dry Switzerland (it hasn't rained properly since almost 2 months...),
    Doris aka Mrs.Button

  4. Such a pretty skirt that pairs wonderfully with your shoes!

  5. This is a wonderful post, dear Diane! I'm surprised you get "cultivate" water lilies ... that is so idyllic! I am also impressed with your look wonderful, gorgeous shoes and beautiful skirt, I want to thank you for your effort in this Share in Style, I know you to be on vacation and you took your time to prepare this post, you are terrific!

  6. Thank you so much for adding the pictures of the applique - it's wonderful! That's a wonderful idea how to make a very special applique. I love the shape of the flower. Thanks again!