Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Note from Sarah Campbell

Following my last post, I was both surprised and flattered to find a comment from Sarah Campbell and I am so pleased that she has brought me up to date on some of the Collier Campbell history. I hope she can forgive me for not being entirely clear with some of the information - I wasn't able to spend much time looking at the FTM exhibition apart from focusing on and documenting the gorgeous colour schemes and had run out of memory card before I could get photos of any information panels in the room - the pattern cutting course was also pretty intensive. I'm back at the Fashion and Textile Museum this weekend and hope to put that right. This is what she says: Thank you for this write-up Marguerite, I'm so glad you enjoyed the exhibition. I do need to make one important point - although Susan and I did indeed co-found the ORIGINAL Collier Campbell in the early 80s I am no longer connected to the new company of that name and I have neither the interest nor indeed the right to use that name in my current commercial endeavours. Shortly after Susan's death the current owner and I parted company and since July '11 my work has been produced by me solely at Sarah Campbell Ltd, as I make clear in the captions. Although some of the designs the new CC use were originally painted and coloured by me I do not profit from their sale. I have a small but growing range of stationery and goods and your readers can own a little bit of Sarah Campbell, as you put it, (I did! Before editing! D) via my own website - - and read more on my blog - and through WestElm as well. If you'd like to get in touch with me further about any of this please use the contact form on my website. Sarah Campbell Sarah has a gorgeous blog here - hop on over for a look and cheer your day! I am ordering one of her unique hand-painted hankies for £15 (see above photo - borrowed from Sarah's website for the purposes of review on this blog only). I'm planning on framing it as a fabulous wall decoration.

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