Monday, 17 March 2014

The Northern Quarter - Street Art

I've been back to Manchester for a few days.  The Northern Quarter, just off Piccadilly, is a centre for arts and creativity.  Each time I go, I notice something different - especially the murals.  This one has been there since 2011 and I've now done a bit of research on it.  It seems that not all the 'street art' is exactly that and much of it has been done commercially, but that doesn't detract from its beauty.  This one was commissioned by Converse Trainers (you can see the 'star' logo on there).  It's enormous, taking up the whole gable end of a multi-storied red brick building.  I didn't notice the bird at first though, as I was too busy looking at the trailing plant up the right hand side - in fact I've found a couple of the photos of the bird in close up from elsewhere on the t'internet.  Sorry if I'm treading on anyone's toes with them ... I'm not sure where they came from, but this is for criticism and review only, in a very positive way!

The Northern Quarter has been likened to 'Old New York', because of it's features ... fire escapes and multi-storied buildings.  Many of the buildings have been and still are being used for clothing manufacture and wholesale retail - that's what I always used to know it for before it became trendy recently.  Several films have been made around here - I can often imagine car chases in detective films and tv series going on ...

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