Thursday, 23 May 2013

Holidaying at Home - Ely

I ADORE Ely in Cambridgeshire.    There's a real community feel about the place and it is home to interesting independent shops and cafes.  Plus it has the riverside which on a fine day is a joy to walk along.  Yesterday, unfortunately, I seemed to leave the sunshine behind me and the further I travelled, the more overcast it became.

This barge has an apt name!
 Still managed to enjoy my day though.  The riverside is home to various waterfowl ...

Well my mum thinks I'm beautiful! 

I love this Morris Minor car which always seems to be parked outside one of the terraces on the hill up to the main town.

Residents take care to make their windows just as interesting to passers by ...

A walk up the steep hill to the town demands tea and lunch!

All set now for a bit of indulgent shopping!

Yarn on the Square is on the Market Place.  I found a crochet instruction book for left-handers here - have always been put off trying because of my 'sinister' nature!  I can have a go now ... they also hold classes on Saturdays which I might investigate.

Spent some time photographing things I found, for my coursework reference.

Interesting brickwork ...
A lovely old door ...
And of course, the cathedral ...

The sun actually came out!
 All in all, a very enjoyable morning and home I go  ...


  1. What a fun day.. Such beautiful photos.. Love the cathedral. So pretty.
    And lunch looked yummy.. Such a pretty and fun vacation at home. Love them kind.

  2. Hello Diane - it looks a very pretty little spot - I still get sad looking at pictures of the English countryside. Cathedrals are always wonderful to visit, and the tea room looks lovely.

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful images of your home town! I wish to enjoy a cup of tea at the lovely tea house, after picking up some yarns at the sweet yarn shop...


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