Monday, 29 April 2013

Virtual Meet - Here's Charlotte T!

Next up is Charlotte, who like me is located in the depths of East Anglia, UK!  She blogs over at and was in Sew Weekly right at the very start (in fact she egged me on for most of the time ...).

What do you like to eat/drink?
I would like a cheeky glass of chilled rosé at the meet, and a few nibbles would be nice too, tapas or maybe some very classy canapés 
What would you have worn to the meet up?
My new Colette Anise jacket, of course. It's mustard corduroy so I can't decide if it is gorgeous or just too geography teacher for words. It's my first jacket so of course I am very proud. It's lined and has vintage buttons from my stash. I did all my usual adjustments to the patter: FBA, lengthen a bit, wider here, smaller there.... I'm pleased with it though. I would like to have worn my new Colette Laurel but of course it isn't finished, whoops. I have put a big Sewing Bee inspired piped and gathered kangaroo pocket on the front. Hope I finish it soon!
Great jacket Charlotte!

What have you bought recently?
The Colette Laurel dress pattern, of course! I really will have to try to get over my Colette addiction soon. Honestly. After the next pattern. Maybe. I have some lovely yellow piping to go on the grey version I am making.
Talking of addictions, I have also been buying vintage Stitchcraft magazines on ebay. I love them.
What's your next project?
After I finish this Laurel I have some trousers cut out but really I need to make some square cushions for my new garden seat. And my brother is getting married in August so I really should get on with a new dress..... thinking of a Colette Crepe as I have one that I made a couple of years ago that has been worn almost to death.
Would you like to swap some fabric or a pattern?
I have three patterns to bring to the virtual meet. So I am putting them onto the table and will happily send them to anyone who wants them, will ship worldwide.... there is a rather nice sixties style suit (36 inch bust), a fifties full skirted dress (36 inch bust) and an early 50s dress and bolero to die for but sadly in a teeny weeny 32 inch bust. That one is Butterick and an unprinted pattern. Just comment on this post if you want one of them!

Hope to see you all at the next meet... especially the lovely Diane who I have been lucky enough to meet up with twice "in the flesh" as well, thanks for hosting this meet Diane xx

Diane:  Well thanks Charlotte - hope I make the next meet too - that's if First Capital Connect don't let me down!

Anyone reading, don't forget to spread the news about Charlotte's blog!


  1. Such fun to meet up with my "sewing daughter/teacher & Sew weekly friend"..
    Your food sounds lovely, and I love,love,love that jacket.. Love the color and I love corduroy.. Can't wait to see your Laurel, I ordered my pattern the other day, just waiting for it to arrive..
    Hugs to both Diane and Charlotte T.

  2. Hey! I have a teeny weeny 32 inch bustline, so I'd take that one!

    1. Emily, it's yours, please email me at with your address and I will be glad to send it to you x

  3. Hi Diane, I just sent an email with my details to - as per your profile, and the delivery failed - what is your email address please? My email is

  4. Hi Sarah

    Just received your email now thanks! My email is - no 'com' at the end, for anyone else wanting to reply.

  5. Hey stylish lady! I am in love with your new coat. great to see you too. x x x

  6. Charlotte, I love the Simplicity 2258 pattern..[ I could one day make it for Emily, she would love it]. But, if someone else wants it.. That is fine.. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Charlotte! I love this jacket you made - it's great, and not too 'geography teacher' like at all! :-)

  8. Great that you could be here Charlotte! I've missed you and it's all brought back some great memories.


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