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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Olympic Knitting

It's been quite quiet on the sewing front lately but here's why.  As well as finishing my City and Guilds Module 5 (photos to come), I've also been busy with this.  The cushion is inspired by an Aran knitting exercise in Module 5 and it's a gift for someone taking part in the Olympic or Paralympic Games.  The project has been organised by Woolsack.org and knitters all over the UK have been making cushions in 100% British wool as a welcome and for Olympians to take home with them.  I'm wondering who will get mine ... I was able to leave a message on it and hope I'll get to find out ... Anyone else wanting to take part has until 22 August 2012 to get their cushion knitted and sent to an address in London in time for filling and sewing up.  Visit the Woolsack website for more information.

(Actually, I think I deserve a medal for getting this finished over the weekend - I'm a bit cross-eyed now!)


  1. Oh Diane, that is stunning and precise work. You should be so proud !

  2. This is beautiful Diane.. YOu did an excellent job.. Such a thoughtful thing, to leave the note .. fun..
    ps hope your eyes go back straight.teehee

  3. Wow - what a lovely cushion. Hope the lucky athlete likes it x

  4. Diane, it's gorgeous! And- what an amazing, welcoming project!


  5. Thanks everyone. Still don't know who's got it yet (that's if I do find out!) but will let you know if I do.