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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Another Day in London

This time, for the Fotofringe event at the new exhibition venue, King's Place, just round the corner from King's Cross on York Way.  A couple of posts ago, I was lamenting the lack of rain, but I got my wish today.  I would have preferred it not to rain on one of my only days out to London ...

It reminds me of one of those Impressionist paintings...Post Office Tower looming in the distance

This is King's Place, a new arts venue for exhibitions and trade fairs.  I went to a Picture Library show to find some new suppliers.  On the same block is a just opened branch of the London Graphics Centre and I stocked up on drawing inks and a packet of sheets of felt at a really reasonable price.  Made my day!  Particularly the really helpful girl in the shop who knew loads about the products.  She said this branch had opened in addition to the Covent Garden one to catch trade from the new arts centre.

King's Place - I was lucky to get the 'Union Jack' taxi in!

During lunch, I popped over to Camden Passage in Islington - a favourite of mine, particularly as 'Loop' knitfing shop has now relocated there.  You can also find vintage clothing stores and antiques.  It was a bit quiet on the day I went but I've also been there when it's heaving with crowds.

'Loop' knitting store - look at the owl!  Fab!

Retro clothing store

World famous 'Annies'

Royal Memorabilia
Great way to use old pairs of jeans!

The departures hall at King's Cross station is quite stunning now, definitely worth all the upheaval.  Look at that ceiling!

A grand day out ...


  1. thats a lovely day out in London... Im just a bit tired of these weather..

  2. I want that owl and the chair! Lovely pictures as always. As for the weather, well I guess it's a case of be careful what you wish for! We've got a month of this rain now I expect!

    1. I'm knitting my own owl now ... will post as soon as he's done! I'm making him from some orange 4 ply I found in this shop. I've been looking for orange for ages and there it was!

  3. Great pics - what a fab day's shopping x

    1. Wish I could get there a bit more often ...

  4. what beautiful photos of London. I loved all the dresses in the retro/vintage dress store..
    Thankyou for sharing the wonderful photos.

    1. Glad you like them Judy. They are a nice reminder for me too.