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Monday, 2 January 2012

OOOOooooh, Sequins!

My yarn arrived over the holidays from http://www.purplelindacrafts.co.uk/.  It's called 'Galaxy', by King Cole in 'Jupiter' shade and knits up random stripes of black and grey with bits of fluffiness in it.  I've made a start on my shrug to go with my red dress (see previous post)  The sequins are placed at random intervals on the yarn and they are gorgeous, shining in all colours of the rainbow in the light - photo doesn't do it justice!


  1. I saw that on my local yarn shop.. its so cute... its a shame I'm rubbish at knitting

  2. Ooooh beautiful, can't wait to see your finished shrug.

  3. I agree, incredible yarn. I look forward to seeing the completed piece!

    1. Nearly there ... I'll post when I'm done.