Monday, 19 December 2011

Sorbetto Duetto

Sorbetto - the free pattern on the Colette Patterns website - is so versatile and has been so popular on Sew Weekly that I felt I should have a go at it and ended up doing it twice!  No doubt I'll be making some more once summer is here again ...  The first was a Spooky one for Halloween and the second, so I've been told, is a festive looking one from some City Lights fabric - yet another duvet creation.  I can't wait to make up the right side as a skirt.  It shows a skyline and I want to make a skirt like some I've seen in similar fabric.

Standing around in the spooky shadows ...

Feathery mask from a dance shop.

All set for New Year's Eve or something.


  1. I still haven't made this up! Maybe in the summer. I love you efforts the web one is my favourite though. x x x

  2. Your sorbettos are lovely! I'm like Charlotte, I haven't made up this pattern yet! It's great that it's free!

  3. Just discovered your blog - love the Sorbetto. Off to have a peek around at your other creations...


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