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Friday, 4 November 2011


I've always wanted to go here and I got my wish on holiday in Wales a few weeks ago.  It's the 'folly' of an Italianate village built by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis and made famous by the filming of the cult TV series, 'The Prisoner' in the 1960's.  The colours and shapes are amazing and on the day I went, the weather was strangely overcast which made for some interesting effects on photographs.


  1. I've been there too! I liked it, slightly weird but interesting. I also really enjoyed travelling over the bridges that where over the estury to gey there. I love Wales!!

  2. I had such a fun time wandering round Portmeirion! Was a few years ago now and would love to go back. You know you can stay there? How amazing would that be!!

  3. I'd love to go back there, a fascinating place. I noticed that you could stay in some of the buildings - actually saw some people coming out of one of the buildings and locking it behind them ... not sure I'd like to be in the middle of lots of people wandering around though! The swimming pool near the beach looked inviting though ...