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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Amy Butler Tote

I've made a Tote Bag, my design in Amy Butler fabric, which I've put up for sale at under marguerite designs.  It's an experiment really, to see if anything sells and also how to price things.  It's really difficult arriving at a final sum, when considering the time and effort gone into the product.  I honestly don't think people realise ...

I'm doing a make-up bag to go with it as well.


  1. Looks good! Good Luck! Know how you feel as just opened an Etsy shop, so far lots of hits, no buys but it's only been two days... ;) I'll let you know if I get any bites and we can swap tips! I know folksy do a lot of blog posts about how to set up a shop and pricing.

  2. It's a lovely bag and I hope it sells quickly. It is difficult to work out pricing and so much time, effort and experience goes into hand made goods.