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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sunny Days Dress - Sewing for myself again

I've been wanting to sew up this fabric for ages.  It's vintage, but I really don't know from when (maybe the 80's, is that vintage enough??? ).  I love the big 'islands' of flowers and it was quite challenging to place them correctly.  The sundress pattern is also one I've been waiting to use and really didn't have any idea as to how it would fit but it turned out great and I wouldn't hesitate making it again - so easy too.  A happy marriage of fabric and pattern.  I bought the fabric from the 80's pop star 'Lene Lovich' (Lucky Numbers) at a charity fair some time ago - she was helping her daughter sell handmade soap and other bits and pieces.


  1. Beautiful dress! I love the fabulous tropical vibe of that wonderful fabric - it makes a lovely, fun dress.

  2. This is your best ever yet! What a great fit, lovely print too!

  3. Wowza! What a beautiful dress! You look great! Just needs a drink with an umbrella and some proper sunshine I think!

  4. So pretty..Love the flower in your hair..so pretty..