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Saturday, 29 January 2011


Continuing on the beachy theme is 2 designs I did as a set of 4 for wall art, coasters, mats, in fact anything needing a square format...  I collaged them with torn papers and drew in with fine detail for the flowers, boats etc.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ships and Lighthouses

Ships and Lighthouses are a favourite subject of mine even though I was specifically asked to produce designs around this theme by my agent at the time.  It's the watery/beachy theme that appeals ... always has, and it fits in with my favoured technique for painting, in a watercoloury style.  This design is a side by side repeat.

China Tea

Well here I am again, at the start of 2011 and determined to try and make my blog work for me this year.  I've had a busy time at work since changing jobs but have still managed to do some creative things.  I'll start with a little potted history ....  I completed some textile designing for an agent and I've posted a couple of examples here, China Tea. These are for anything kitchen related but particularly wall art, coasters or pot holders for examples.